Welcome to Talos

Welcome to the Land of Talos!

Talos is just one region of the world Valeria created and where the beginning of the story takes place. As we grow bigger and the story progresses more of the world as a whole will be unveiled. However Talos is a large part of the world with vast cities and rich culture and home to many races. Here is the lore from past and present of this land and of those whose adventures began and perhaps ended. The world is ever expanding and more information can be found in the vast and open Library, or maybe even head on down to the the local Tavern to find out more about certain characters! Perhaps you might want to check out the law and what's different of this land in Rules and Regulations.

While the Arcane arts was a large part of the world the players come in at a time where the high fantasy has started to dwindled. Many feel the loss of what was once common and other feel the need to find a way to restore the land to it's once prosperous glory.

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